Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Halloween is always a fun time but when it comes to our pets and festivities, we always have to stay alert! Here are a few safety tips for this time of the year:

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Cold Weather and Your Pet

With the cooler season fast approaching, keep in mind these few tips to help keep your pet warm and comfortable for this season!

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Life as an Isolation Ward Technician

Being the isolation tech is like having a bad case of the cooties. People behave like a playground full of 7-year-olds who haven’t had their cootie shots. You’re icky.

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Senior Pet Wellness Care

Our pets tend to age faster than we’d want them to. Dogs and cats are considered geriatric when they are 7 years and older. That means there’s a lot to take into consideration because there are both physical and behavioural changes. Senior pets are prone to developing arthritis, diabetes, kidney failure, heart disease, thyroid disease […]

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How To Trim Your Dog’s Nails

Knowing how to trim your dog’s nails is an important skill for any dog owner, or knowing that you can afford to take your dog to a groomer or a vet to have them trimmed every four to six weeks which can avoid them from becoming ingrown or grow too long.

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I can't say enough good things about this clinic. Several years ago when our dog was very sick this clinic…

Elizabeth Kennedy

Fantastic vet clinic. Dr. Rintoul has been excellent and the staff at the Bedford South PetFocus is second to none.…

Patrick Gilbert

We took our new Kitten Bellatrix here and love it! The veterinarian took her time with Bella and…

Mary Macdonald

Great staff, super knowledgeable. They always take the time to make us feel comfortable and make sure we have all…

Sarah Crewe Ferguson

Dr. Kersey is a wonderful vet. The care and compassion she showed not only our cat Seamus, but also for…

Kathryn Fox