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Pocket Pets Services

Pocket pets refer to those special little pets that could fit in your pocket! At Clayton Park Veterinary Hospital we have a veterinarian, Dr. Tim Farrow who cares for all of those special little ones. Annual examinations are recommended for pocket pets just like dogs and cats. These pets can’t talk to us and tell us when something is wrong and they will instinctively hide the signs of illness until they can’t any longer. Early detection is key.

What pocket pets do you care for?

Dr. Tim Farrow would love to care for your guinea pig, hamster, rat, gerbil, mouse, hedgehog, skinny pig, and sugar glider. Rabbits and ferrets bring a smile to his face as well but may not fit in his pocket! If you have a pocket pet not listed here, please call the hospital and we will see if we can have your pet seen. There is a good chance that will be the case. Although not considered pocket pets, Dr. Farrow enjoys caring for reptiles as well.

What services do you provide for pocket pets?

Dr. Tim Farrow performs consultations, examinations, diagnostic services, dentistry, hospitalization and surgical services for pocket pets.

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