Common Vet Myths – Tick Control

The Lyme vaccine negates the use of tick prevention – In a perfect world, we would have a routine vaccine that would prevent Lyme disease 100%. However, we do not have that luxury. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the Lyme vaccine and you need to discuss with your vet to ensure you get […]

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Common Vet Myths – Canine & Feline Spays

What is a spay or Ovariohysterectomy? A spay is when we remove a female’s reproductive organs to prevent the possibility of pregnancy.

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Pet Selfies – Helping Pets in Need One Selfie at a Time!

For the next 2 weeks (August 22 – September 8) we will be donating $1 for every selfie taken at our clinic using our lifestyle selfie props. All you have to do is take the photo with your phone, post it to Instagram and tag us in it or share it on our Facebook page:

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Dental Pain in Pets

Dental disease is very painful (just think – even a canker sore can ruin your day!). So why is it we hear so many clients telling us their pet isn’t in pain when they present to us with signs of dental disease? Animals have a natural instinct to hide their pain.

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Common Vet Myths – Common Health Myths

We’re here to address some common pet myths that you may have heard of like “wet nose = healthy pet” – find out what’s true and what’s a myth!

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