Community Events

Here at Dartmouth Veterinary Hospital, we have several upcoming events we want to invite you to!
May 7th – Dog wash – Fundraising for SPCA Trap/Neuter/Release Spay day that we will be hosting.
May 11th – Microchip Clinic – Fundraising for the Lacey Fund. Microchips will be implanted for a minimum donation of $25.
May 11th – Bake Sale – Fundraising for the Lacey Fund.

Hope to see you all here,

Dartmouth Veterinary Hospital

We had to bring both our cat and our dog to Pet Focus on Tacoma drive over the past few…

T Son

Today I visited a veterinary clinic with my kitten, we did the second vaccination. I really liked the attitude…

Anna Strachov

Yesterday was my first visit with my two new kittens. Great environment, all staff were great to deal with and…

Vanessa Bagnall

Had a new vet this visit. Dr Fraser, she was very kind ,gentle & solved Brutus ear issue. Nice to see…

E Lynn Surette

We are always treated very well by staff, as we have an elderly Westie. Dr Robb has been our vet…

Carey Macdonald


Cat playing with tinsel

Holiday Hazards to Pets

There are plenty of things that are hazardous to pets around the holiday season that pet owners may not be aware that are dangerous to them. There are many toxic foods and treats that if ingested can lead to a list of issues. Another potential problem is pets eating objects that could cause an intestinal foreign body, blocking the intestinal tract.

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