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Kid Safety with Dogs

Dogs and kids can be best friends and get along great, but there are certain precautions and lessons you should teach your child about dogs. Dogs unfortunately cannot talk to us to tell us how they are feeling, and just like people they can have good days and bad days. It is important to learn […]

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How to choose a dog walker

Lets face it, having a dog is lots of fun, but lots of work too. Many of us have a busy lifestyle and can’t always take out Fido for a good long walk or run every day.  Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a tired and happy dog versus a wound up one […]

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Seasonal Allergies

Pets can suffer from seasonal allergies just like people do. There are different types of allergies that pets can get, including food allergies and environmental allergies. Seasonal allergies are environmental. Novartis Animal Health conducted a study which found that over half of pet owners aren’t aware that their pets have seasonal allergies. Our four-legged friends […]

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SUMMER YAY!!!!!!!!! It’s finally here…but that also means it’s hot spot season for your furry friends, Hot spots are a form of skin infections, caused by bacteria. Dogs get hot spots from irritation of the skin and this can be caused by allergies, bug bites, fleas and mites, all causing the dog to scratch and […]

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Lyme disease is here – Max’s Story

Up until very recently we rarely saw Lyme disease at our practice in Porters Lake.  We hear more and more about it spreading throughout the Maritimes, and it is a major health concern in people as well as in our canine friends. I wanted to share the story of Max, a lovely dog that I […]

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Amazing service all the way around. I have five dogs and it's nice to know after 7 years I have…

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Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Great with all my pets even the cranky one. Very good to deal with and very…

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Best place on the Shore to bring your pets for any issues they may have. They always treat my animals…

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Great clinic, staff if wonderful

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