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Senior Cat Care

At 10 to 12 years your kitty may be slowing down some, not as able to jump and not as playful. You may notice changes in hearing or vision. At 13 to 15, your kitty may prefer to spend more time alone and sleeps a good portion of the day. She hates change more and you may notice signs of dementia. At 16 plus, your kitty is about the equivalent of an 80-year-old human! She probably sleeps a fair amount and may need more help grooming. As your cat ages, your vet may want to see her twice yearly for a check up and may want to run more frequent bloodwork checking for kidney, liver, thyroid disease, diabetes, and dental problems.

My senior cat is losing weight, what can I do?

A thorough exam and bloodwork to rule out any medical issues is a good place to start. Your vet can then advise you on an appropriate food plan to help your kitty maintain her weight.

How can I care for my senior cat?

Make sure to rule out treatable medical conditions by having your vet evaluate her thoroughly. You may find that you need to adjust your living conditions to accommodate arthritic joints- pet steps or footstools and bigger lower litter boxes are helpful. Make sure she is on the appropriate diet that she will also eat willingly.

What are some common health issues?

Diabetes, kidney disease, and hyperthyroidism are very common. Other issues can be arthritis, cognitive dysfunction, sight and hearing loss.

Why is my senior cat having behavioural issues?

Some senior cats may have dementia. This can be expressed as disorientation, confusion, restlessness, increased vocalization. Irritability decreased grooming and forgetting previously learned behavior is possible.

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