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Why I Recommend Hill’s TD

We all know that teeth are important, but many of us do not think about our pet’s teeth. Just like us, pets benefit from routine oral health care for their overall health. The gold standard will always be brushing teeth as well as professional dental cleanings when needed.

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Little Known Dog Breed Facts

Throughout history, we have utilized the services of dogs, with breeds being most common to specific geographical areas and each breed having it own unique skill or trait that represents our former working use of them.

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Rabbits and Rodents Need Oral Care Too!

We are focusing on oral health of our companion animals this month, and there will be a lot of information available for oral health in cats and dogs. But I don’t want us to forget about the oral health of other types of companion animals. Pet rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and rats (others, too!) need […]

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The Plight of a Feral Queen

The sad, pathetic existence known only to her is drawn with a sodden perspective, though she bares not.

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Recognizing Pet Emergencies

Some pet emergencies are obvious, but others can be a bit subtle. Many animals are stoic and hide their illnesses, which can make things more complicated. 

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Taylor was so kind and patient with my two cats for their dental assessment. She was very calm, and my…

Cassandra Were

Best vet clinic around! Special shout out and thank you to Taylor for taking such great care of my…

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