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Exotic Pets Services

Looking for that unique addition to your family? Not sure a dog or cat is the right fit for you? If you march to the beat of your own drum and prefer a different kind of pet we are happy to say that exotic species are welcomed at Harbour Cities Veterinary Hospital. Finding knowledgeable, experienced care for your anything but average pet can be challenging. Thankfully, Dr Marianne Parent and Dr Tim Farrow are here to help you navigate the often very specific quirks and considerations that come with exotic pet ownership.

What type of exotic pets do you service?

Dr’s Parent and Farrow love to see all kinds of unique pets including all pocket pets/rodents, rabbits, and reptiles for both medicine and surgery. While we love them, we are unable to treat avian patients at this time.

    Taylor was so kind and patient with my two cats for their dental assessment. She was very calm, and my…

    Cassandra Were

    Best vet clinic around! Special shout out and thank you to Taylor for taking such great care of my…

    Darlene Huntley


    Why I Recommend Hill's TD

    We all know that teeth are important, but many of us do not think about our pet's teeth. Just like us, pets benefit from routine oral health care for their overall health. The gold standard will always be brushing teeth as well as professional dental cleanings when needed.

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