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What’s That I See?

Have you ever seen those little rice grains in your pet’s stool or around their bottom? Well, most pets do not eat rice for dinner, did you know that what you are seeing is called tapeworms, yuck. These little guys are an intestinal parasite contracted by ingesting external parasites – usually fleas!

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Lyme Disease and Your Dog

The Halifax region is one of three areas in Nova Scotia that is considered endemic for Lyme disease, with the other two being the South Shore and Pictou County.  This means it regularly affects people and animals and care needs to be taken to avoid exposure.

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The Dreaded Flea; Are They Hiding in Your Home?

A flea infestation can be a difficult problem to treat. The life cycle of the flea can be problematic in getting rid of the issue quickly, as it could take months to eliminate all of the adults, eggs, pupa, and larvae from your home. Prevention is key, but there are some steps you can take […]

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Hot Topic – Hot Spots

“Hot spot” is a term used to describe a localized skin infection that happens under the hair coat.  Also known as moist dermatitis, these infections are usually in areas where the coat is thick, such as the neck or face, along the back, or tail base.  Longhaired, thick-coated breeds such Golden Retrievers or German Shepherds […]

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Retained Deciduous Teeth

Dogs and cats, like people, have two sets of teeth during their lifetime.  Their baby teeth, also know as deciduous teeth, and their permanent, adult teeth. 

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