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Laser Therapy

Low-level laser therapy has been shown to have several biological effects on the body, including increased circulation, pain reduction due to endorphin release, fibroblast production, cartilage stimulation, decreasing micro-organisms and accelerating the inflammatory phase of healing. Laser therapy can be used to help wound healing, treat tendon and ligament injuries, edema, muscle spasm, pain, and arthritic conditions.

I needed an appointment today ASAP with the vet today and my usual veterinary was booked solid. Petworks was able…

Christine Parsons

Great environment and pleasant staff but way over priced. I got a quote for a operation that was more than…

Garland Weir

My dog had surgery to remove a tumor and the staff were efficient, cheerful and helpful. Outcome was positive and…

Ellen Kearney

Staff is awesome and friendly. Do a great job. Tks guys!

Mike Cross

I took my dog Coco in to see doctor Rick because she had to get some dental surgery done. The…

Cindy Parris



What's That I See?

Have you ever seen those little rice grains in your pet’s stool or around their bottom? Well, most pets do not eat rice for dinner, did you know that what you are seeing is called tapeworms, yuck. These little guys are an intestinal parasite contracted by ingesting external parasites - usually fleas!

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