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Senior Dog Care

As our pets age, physical and behavioural changes occur. You may notice your pet sleeping more, they may not want to jump up on things or may be reluctant to go up or down stairs. They may lose or gain weight, depending on their metabolism and activity. Did you know that dogs are considered to be in their senior years when they turn seven years old

When does a dog become a senior?

Did you know that dogs are considered to be in their senior years when they turn seven years old?

What are common senior dog health issues?

The most common conditions seen in older pets include kidney disease, diabetes, and disorders affecting the thyroid. Arthritis is also a significant concern – especially in larger dogs as normal wear and tear over a lifetime can lead to painful joints. Oral care needs, tartar buildup and gingivitis may become severe enough to cause an animal to stop eating. You may first notice dental problems due to the bad breath that is often associated with them.

How should I care for my senior dog?

Health changes often occur quietly, making it difficult to know when to bring your pet to a Veterinarian. One preventive step is wellness blood testing: blood testing on a seemingly healthy pet will allow us to catch potential health conditions in the early stages, such as kidney and liver disease. If your pet’s appetite decreases, or if they are not grooming themselves, are drinking more, have lost weight, if there is a change in bathroom habits, if they are coughing or having difficulty breathing, or if a new lump has been found.

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