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The Importance of an Annual Health Exam

When you yourself aren’t feeling very well, you have the ability to seek some medical attention. Our pets cannot talk and cannot always tell us when something is the matter. Which is difficult for us pet owners. 

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Kidney Disease Part I

In order to understand why our pets, get kidney disease and its impact on their health, it is important to know what kidneys do. In this three-part series, we will discuss what the kidneys do, what causes kidney failure and how we diagnose it, treat it, manage it and monitor your pet who is living with […]

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Atopic Dermatitis (Airborne Allergies)

Everyone knows someone with hay fever. Airborne pollens, moulds, dust particles, etc. are inhaled, and soon the sneezing and sniffling begins. A simple way to think of atopy for pets would be simply saying that the airborne allergen is inhaled, but instead of sneezing and sniffling, the pet gets itchy skin. In fact, this was […]

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Leptospirosis – Signs and Symptoms

Leptospirosis is a disease that can affect human and animals, including your pets. All animals can potentially become infected with leptospirosis. While for many years occurrence among pets was rare, the disease has been diagnosed more frequently in the past few years and cases have been diagnosed in the Tantallon area. Leptospirosis is most commonly […]

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Legal Marijuana: Expect Toxicity

The plant Cannabis sativa (marijuana) has been used by humans for medical purposes for thousands of years, and its therapeutic effects have been well studied. With the upcoming legalization of retail marijuana sales, what will this mean for our pets? In Colorado where marijuana has been legally available since 2012, there have been significant increases […]

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