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CATegory5: The Hospital Visit; We Have Arrived!

Once you have scheduled an appointment give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the hospital a bit early. Sometimes people and cats have to wait for a little while but we do try to minimize this as much as possible. We recognize that waiting can be stressful for you and your cat.

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CATegory 4: The Journey to the Hospital

Cats are creatures of habit, ritual and “normalcy”.  They don’t care for excess motion and they don’t like rapid changes in their environment. They don’t like to be over stimulated visually and don’t appreciate loud noises. These things can all lead to increased FAS, (Fear, Anxiety, and Stress).

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How to Decrease FAS in Cats for a Pleasant Trip to the Vet Hospital

  Does a trip to the veterinary hospital scare your cat?  Does it scare you?

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The Importance of Minimizing FAS in Your Cat

The mental health of your cat is just as important to us as their physical health. By minimising fear, anxiety and stress (FAS) we are helping your cat’s mental health and minimising the damage caused by traumatic stressful events. 

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FAS in Cats: Do You Know What it Looks Like?

Our very talented and very own Veterinary Assistant Robyn has drawn some crazy characters.  See if you can identify these characteristics in her artwork.

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