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CATegory5: The Hospital Visit; We Have Arrived!

Once you have scheduled an appointment give yourself plenty of time to arrive at the hospital a bit early. Sometimes people and cats have to wait for a little while but we do try to minimize this as much as possible. We recognize that waiting can be stressful for you and your cat.

After you check in at our main desk, please make your way into our new ‘feline only’ waiting room. This is a great spot for you to wait for your appointment. Dogs are not allowed in the feline waiting room so dog scent and excess noise (barking) is minimized therefore decreasing FAS in your cat.

A Registered Veterinary Technician or Veterinary Assistant will then escort you and your cat into an examination room that has been pre-sprayed with Feliway or has a Feliway diffuser which releases a relaxing pheromone into the air. This person will typically perform a cursory exam on your cat, gather information, and relay this to the doctor. The doctor will subsequently come in and discuss things with you, perform the necessary examinations/diagnostics and determine a plan for you and your cat.

We also recommend that you DO NOT feed your cat prior to his appointment and that you DO bring some of their favourite treats. This will increase the likelihood that they will eat the treats during his appointment thereby making a positive association with his trip to the hospital.


Fear, anxiety and stress are important to minimize in your cat. If you recognize it in your cat please inform us and we can work together on a solution that meets your cat’s needs. Take steps to learn to recognize what FAS looks like and use the tips provided to minimize it. If you follow these steps and your cat still suffers from FAS, we can always try a medication to make your pet’s experience as pleasant as possible.

Written by Dr. Rob Doucette

We have been going to Westwood Hills for 6 years. The 3 of us enjoy going there. From regular check…

Debbie Thomas

I love this clinic so much. Staff are very kind and thorough. Definitely highly recommmend:)

Suzanne Bright

We have been with Westwood Hills Clinic since we moved to Haliburton Heights over six years ago. We have…

Dave White

Always providing top notch care on the spot for our family dogs! Thank you for all that you do, and…

Ainslie Matheson

We've been with WWH Vet for almost 6 years and couldn't be happier. All staff are courteous and treat you…

Swimmin Hill


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