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Pet food matters and choosing the right kind of food for your pet can be challenging!


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Welcome to Woodbury Veterinary Hospital in Halifax

Woodbury Veterinary Hospital was established in 1981 at the corner of Robie and North Streets. The hospital has become a peninsula landmark and has contributed to the success of the neighbourhood providing part-time jobs and mentoring for many young people interested in pursuing work in the veterinary setting as a career and by donating to local charities or participating in fundraising.

The hospital offers a healthcare team committed to enriching the loving bond between clients and their pets by providing compassionate, quality care. Accompanied by a team of technicians the dedicated veterinarians provide comprehensive care, with a special interest in pet dentistry.

The culture of the hospital has encouraged veterinary continuing education and has led to early implementation of advances in veterinary medicine.

Dr. Jordan Mencher | Dr. Samantha Sanford | Dr Cindy Rodgerson
Veterinarians, Woodbury Veterinary Hospital NSVMA Accredited

Meet the Team
Just started taking my three cats to Woodbury Veterinary Hospital and couldn't be happier! All of the staff are incredibly…

Annalise Benoit

The best in the city I've been going there for over 7 years.Dr Samantha your the best

Lenial Pinard

Helpful staff in transferring ownership of a dog to my name. Called me the next day to make sure…

Darko Stasevic

appreciate the warmth and competence of the whole woodbury team

Lorraine Macaskill

They take real good care of my babies!!

Meghan Bray


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What’s In A Puppy Food?

Proper nutrition is crucial to the overall well-being of all dogs, and it’s especially important to get them started off on the right foot. There are three main phases in puppy nutrition. The nursing phase is when the puppies are feeding on milk from their mother. The nutrients they receive are mostly related to the mother’s nutrition and the puppies’ ability to nurse. The weaning phase is when the puppies are transition from milk to solid food. The final phase is the post-weaning phase which last from about 2 month to 12 – 18 months (depending on the size of the dog). This phase usually coincides with the time puppies go to their new homes.

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Puppy Feeding Tips and Tricks

Your  puppy will be doing lots of growing and requires a different degree of vitamins, minerals, protein, and calories than adults, so it’s imperative that they are fed a quality puppy food. It is important to measure food- puppies should not be free fed. A roly-poly puppy is adorable, but we forget how, just as in humans, extra weight can affect joints and health.

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