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Senior Cat Care

Young cats spend their days lounging, playing, and enjoying life. When they become senior cats, this doesn’t have to change. By taking a little extra care, your cat’s later years can be just as comfortable and fun-filled as when they were young. Like humans, cats’ bodies will change as they age, sometimes requiring extra care. We can help you assess any changes you see and provide you with advice and appropriate medical assistance to keep your older cat feeling like a kitten.

What are the stages of a senior cats life? How to spot signs of ageing?

We consider cats to be seniors once they reach 7 years of age, roughly equivalent to a 50-year-old human. This is when diseases and problems related to old age begin to become more common. Therefore this is the time when we want to start preventive care to keep your cat healthier in their advanced years.

How can I care for my senior cat?

In one year of a cat’s life, their body ages and changes as much as our bodies do in 7 years. Since problems can develop quickly, veterinary visits become all the more important. At these visits, we assess the cat’s health with a full physical exam. We can also perform blood tests that will identify many diseases, even in their earliest stages. This can be of great benefit to your cat, as treatment is far more likely to be successful if started early. During your visit, we will also discuss nutritional requirements for senior cats and help you find an appropriate diet for your pet.

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