Cats are almost always infected with parasites from their moms when they are kittens or from hunting when they are older. We often forget that even indoor-only cats can be infected by ingesting houseflies or digging in the dirt of potted plants.

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What are some internal cat parasites?

Some internal parasites include roundworm, tapeworm and several microscopic parasites. These are just a few of the many parasites cats can get.

What are worm infestation symptoms in cats?

Often there are no obvious symptoms that your cat has intestinal parasites. It is possible to see gastrointestinal signs, such as vomiting or diarrhea. Sometimes with severe infestations, we can see weight loss and poor coat quality. Coughing can even be a symptom of parasites.

Do worm affect humans?

Yes! There are several parasites that cats carry that can be contagious to humans. Many of these parasites are also present outdoors in soil or on improperly cared for vegetables. So don’t be too afraid of your cat!

What is the deworming schedule and are there any medication side effects?

How often you deworm your cat depends on your family situation and the lifestyle of your cat. Generally, deworming medications are well tolerated in cats.

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