Welcoming Walter

I always knew I wanted to add a furry best friend into my life but never knew when the right time was. In February I decided to email the breeder in hopes they were planning to have puppies, lucky for me they were expecting their arrival in late March.

I finally receive the most exciting email with the title “Puppy”. I was excited, proud and nervous all at the same time.
Weeks went by as I tried to prepare myself for my new puppy and make sure I had absolutely everything he would need.

After many emails and picture updates May finally comes around and I get the chance to meet him.

That was without a doubt the longest drive of my life and as I pull up I see eight fluffy puppies anxiously waiting to play.

Then I met Walter. He was this little beige and black puppy full of energy and excited to meet me. Everything about him was all I’ve ever wanted in a dog. He was so playful and just wanted to chew on my shoes. I knew at that moment he was mine.

A couple more weeks passed by and I made one final trip to pick up my new best friend. I packed him up in his crate and started our journey back to Halifax.

The first few weeks of getting to know each other was fun, heartwarming and exhausting.  They’re not kidding when they say puppies are a lot of work, but the sleepless nights and early mornings are worth it. Now he’s five months old and I’m so lucky to have Walter as my partner in crime.

Written by: Felisha Murphy, CCS