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Adora Wesson

Veterinary Assistant
I am very grateful to have become a part of the Clayton Park Veterinary Hospital team. This has been quite a surreal experience so far. Home away from home to say the least. Growing up, I have always had a close relationship with animals. We always had cats growing up, I can still name all of them. Trust me, there was a lot; each with their own unique personality and soul and each with their favourite hiding spots, least favourite food and most favourite toys. I would be the crazy kid on the playground, naming the seagulls and sharing my recess with them. They really loved popcorn! My teacher, however, didn't love the crowd that I attracted each day. After it was seagulls, it became salamanders and then, ducks. Soon, I became the stray cat advocate. If it had four feet and a heartbeat, I was there to help out. The reason I decided to get my Veterinary Assistant diploma, was because I needed to have fulfillment. I had a job, but it wasn't a career. It wasn't me working up to my full potential. I needed to do something that I did best; love and care for animals. I wanted to be their voice and advocate! It dawned on me ten years ago, when one of our cats was euthanized for a urinary blockage. The whole experience was overwhelming, it was the first time I saw death before my eyes. I couldn't believe all of the support we received from the clinic, from the staff and especially the veterinarian. After Gomez crossed the Rainbow bridge, I left the hospital with a different mindset; those were my kind of people, I wanted to be just like them. I wanted to help other people and other animals. I am the best person I can be today thanks to my family, my friends and of course my pets. My cats from the past have been: Max, Thomas "Olive lip," Cinnamon, Morticia, Gomez, Oatmeal, Friskie, Daisey, Rosie, Velvet, Snowball, Crybaby, Milo and Bandit. My current kitties are Torti and Akira.


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