Dr. Pam MacKay, DVM

I have always loved animals and science and from an early age, I knew I wanted to become a vet. My grandfather had a farm and I enjoyed being around the animals. I graduated from AVC in 1995.

I had rotated here during vet school and my parents used to take our family dog to Dr. Abrahams. There was a sense of familiarity with the clinic. I joined in the summer of 1996. I used to lean towards orthopedic diseases but as my own population of pets age, I am becoming more interested in senior pets and making sure they have comfortable and good quality lives.

What I love most about my job is the bond you develop with both the patients and their owners. I enjoy interacting with different people every day and hopefully making the experience positive for everyone. My favourite thing about the clinic is that we have the best patients/clients.

Also, my first pet was a stray cat that came to live with us when I was in elementary school. Her name was Samantha.
Absolutely amazing staff. They were fabulous with the first cat I brought in but I was extremely impressed with my…

Tara Lee Mackenzie

This was a very good experience for my very sick dog and myself, the staff were so very kind to…

Stephen Bonang

So friendly, always on time. I ended up here because of their expertise in exotics (bird) and am sad…

Stephanie Glendenning


Not One More Vet

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