Caring for Wrinkly Dogs

Getting a pet is a big decision. It’s very important to do your research and to be aware of the proper care required for the particular pet you are looking to adopt. I decided to get a Pug, years before I actually was able to get one. I spent hours on the computer researching their lifestyle, the amount of activity they need, the amount of attention they require, any health issues that are specific to that breed and so on. Being aware of what the particular pet you want requires will help find the right pet to match your lifestyle.

Pugs are part of the of the brachycephalic (meaning ‘shortened head’) family (which includes, pugs, French bulldogs, Boston terriers etc.). One of the most important things to remember when adopting this type of dog is that they require a lot of time and attention. These breeds tend to have extra wrinkles on their face; as well as other parts of their bodies. What most people are unaware of is that these wrinkles need to be cleaned on a regular basis. The amount of dirt, food and bacteria that build up in these deep crevices in the span of a day is crazy. Not cleaning these wrinkles can allow for an environment hospitable to infection resulting in severe discomfort for our furry friends.

These wrinkles are typically pretty easy to clean. Ask your Veterinarian which type of cleanser/wipes are right for your pet. Avoid baby wipes because the amount of alcohol in them can cause irritation. It is not something you have to do every day, but every other day or even every couple of days will be more than enough. Over cleaning can cause issues too so such as dry skin or irritation. We want to avoid that.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure you are aware of what you are getting into when deciding on a pet for you. It’s important to know your stuff. Though it is impossible to be ready for everything, being as ready as you are able to be is certainly important!

You are their forever friend, so taking care of them is the least we can do!Tales From the Wrinkle

Written by Megan Rhindress, Client Care Specialist

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