Nail Trimming and Ear Cleaning for Cats

Just like us, cats need regular grooming to help them feel good and stay healthy. To make sure your cat is well adjusted to routine grooming it is best to start small and associate it with great treats, fun, and rewards. Give lots of praise. You want to make sure you are calm, so they do not feed off any bad energy from you. If you are stressed, they will sense it and be looking for what they should be stressed about. Grooming lasts a lifetime so making it a positive experience for all involved should be top priority.

What ear cleaning services does the clinic provide?

Cats generally do not need to have their ears cleaned unless there is a problem such as an ear infection or ear mites. If you are seeing any symptoms that make you think there is a problem, please call the hospital and have your kitty examined. Signs of ear problems in cats may include, shaking of the head, a swollen ear, pawing at the ears, odour or abnormal ear debris.

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