Cat X-rays

Our hospital uses state of the art digital radiographs to ensure we are using the best diagnostic tools to care for your cat. Our team is trained, and we use the safe, regularly monitored equipment to ensure your pet and our health care team is safe.

What is the technology?

X-rays (radiographs) are pictures made from individual electromagnetic particles that travel through your pet’s body. These particles bounce off of dense structures such as bones and pass through soft tissue such as lungs. This provides an image. X-rays are very useful diagnostic tool to help determine what may or may not be happening with your pet.

Does the clinic also do feline dental x rays?

Our hospital is equipped to take digital dental radiographs. Just like human dental x-rays, feline dental x-rays are important to determine how healthy or decayed the support system of your pet’s teeth are. They also show us the strength of the maxilla (top of jaw) and mandible (bottom of jaw) bones. All of this information is important to determine what teeth are causing any issues and pain for your pet.

How much does cat x-rays cost?

The cost of the x-rays your pet receives is dependent on the number of x-rays required and type of views needed; from dental to limbs, to full body and more.

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