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Talking to Your Pets About Weed

In this video, Dr. Samm, DVM discusses Marijuana legalization and the risks when it comes to your pets.

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Want to Be in the Know of All Things Kennel Cough?

In this video, Dr. Samm, DVM talks about everything you need to know about Kennel Cough and your dog.

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This Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner, it is important to remember the dangers that the tasty treats we collect can cause to our pets.

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Surgery Day, Stress Day

My ten years old Siamese cat, Zeke, was recently seen by Dr. MacKay because he had a lump on his leg.

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What Is Catnip?

Returning home, you put the groceries on the floor and pull out a bright red mouse toy. Little does your cat know it contains catnip.

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Absolutely amazing staff. They were fabulous with the first cat I brought in but I was extremely impressed with my…

Tara Lee Mackenzie

This was a very good experience for my very sick dog and myself, the staff were so very kind to…

Stephen Bonang

So friendly, always on time. I ended up here because of their expertise in exotics (bird) and am sad…

Stephanie Glendenning


Not One More Vet

DID YOU KNOW – Veterinary professionals are more than twice as likely to have suicidal thoughts as other Canadians are?

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