Cats Can Get Ticks Too!

Ticks are a concern for cats, whether they stay indoors or like to go outside. If your cat goes outdoors, they are at risk of getting ticks from long grassy areas, as well as around undergrowth and trees. The tick will usually be found around the face, neck or shoulder areas. The outdoor cat will then come inside, putting your family and other pets at risk of the tick getting on them.

Cats are really good groomers, but there is still a chance they won’t find the tick before it starts feeding on their blood. It is a good idea to check your cat over, every time it comes inside to make sure no ticks are present. If you happen to find a tick, you should bring it into your local veterinary hospital to have it removed, you shouldn’t try to remove it on your own because there is a risk of leaving the mouthpiece still embedded.

Cats do not get Lyme disease as humans or dogs do, but tick-borne diseases exist that cats could contract, although thank heavens, in Nova Scotia they are very rare. The good news is that there are now products available to help kill ticks, please ask your trusted veterinary professionals to help you pick out a product that is safe for your feline friend.

Written by Dana Broders, VA

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