Client Appreciation

Each day can change drastically at our clinic. Our days are pre-planned; surgeries are booked appropriately, appointments are scheduled in advance, and we even have certain times of the day booked off for Technician appointments. We as a team, all strive to provide the best client care. We appreciate our client’s patience as not every day flows according to best laid plans due to emergencies or unforeseen situations.

The client care team are always busy booking the appointments and meeting the needs of our clients. The client care team member is the person who is always greeting our customers with smiles on their faces even when they just had to say good-bye to a long-term patient that was just euthanized minutes ago. They typically will check our patients in for their appointment, get the weight of a patient, let an Outpatient Assistant (OPA), Technician, or Doctor know that a client has arrived, and check our clients out at the end of each visit. Not every day is easy working on the front desk, but it is greatly appreciated knowing our clients are understanding.

In outpatient (appointments) and inpatient (surgical and hospitalized patients) land, the staff are the ones who greet our clients at the beginning of every appointment and surgery check in mornings. Our OPA’s are special to us because they gather a brief history of how our patient has been doing. Next the OPA will provide the information to the Veterinarian who will then decide how best to proceed. Our OPA’s also help assist our Veterinarians by preparing prescriptions and assisting with examinations.

On our way to the treatment room you will normally find our Technicians who do nail trims, animal care, blood work, cytology, radiology and much more.

As a clinic we appreciate having such wonderful clients understand not every day goes 100% according to plan but that every pet will get our best!

Written by: Tiffani MacDonald, Veterinary Technician

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