Dog Nail Trimming and Ear Cleaning

Just like us, dogs need regular grooming to help them feel good and stay healthy. A lot of the how to’s are dependent on the breed of dog you have. To make sure your dog is well adjusted to routine grooming it is best to start small and associate it with great treats, fun, and rewards! Give lots of praise. You want to make sure you are calm, so they do not feed any bad energy from you. If you are stressed, they will sense it and be looking for what they should be stressed about. Grooming lasts a lifetime so making it a positive experience for all involved should be a top priority.

How often should I cut my dog’s nails?

The frequency of nail trimming will vary based on the lifestyle of your dog. Dogs that walk on sidewalks regularly may require less frequent nail trims because the friction from the concrete will wear down the nails keeping them trim. It is important to remember that toes not making contact with the ground will require close attention to ensure they do not grow too long. Nails left too long can be a slipping hazard, especially for senior pets or pets with mobility issues. Nails can also grow into the footpad leading to pain and infection. A good rule of thumb is to check your pet’s nails every 2 weeks to see if they are in need of a trim. Our healthcare team will be more than happy to show you how to safely trim your dog’s nails, so it is a pleasant experience for both you and your canine friend!

How often should my dog have their ears cleaned?

Cleaning of the ears will vary depending on the breed of dog you have. Some dogs do not require their ears cleaned at all. Dogs with ears that fold over create a nice damp environment for bacteria and yeast to grow leading to ear infections. Throw a dog that swims into that mix and you have a higher risk for infection. For example, cocker spaniels are more likely to have ear infections so routine ear cleaning is often recommended for these special canines. Labrador Retrievers that you can’t keep out of the lake may be more inclined as well. Choosing the right ear cleaning solution and frequency is important as well! Talk to your veterinarian to see what the best approach is for your dog.

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