The Evolution of Bean: Part 2

Do you all remember our three-week-old shed-kitten, Bean? Who am I kidding? How could you forget him!

Our once, three-weeks-old, blue-eyed snuggle bug is now five-months-old and has yellow eyes. His white wisps of kitten fur have fallen out, but he still has the white tip on his tail and chest. He is quite long, with an even longer tail. When you walk into Clayton Park Veterinary Hospital, he can be seen vegging out in a bed at the front desk (he comes to work every day) or causing mischief by walking all over the keyboards. He is quite the pre-teen now, wanting to sleep ALL the time, or making a mess with his toys. He has been adopted by one of our client care team members, and still goes for sleepovers at his aunties house’s once in a while, as he likes to spread the “Bean” love. Bean lives with two other cat’s: Sam and Bruce, and two dogs, Gus and Bentley.

Bean has grown up in the clinic setting and does great around other animals of all types. He has grown accustomed to the many different noises, smells, and scenarios that happen in a clinic and can be found sleeping through them, or looking intently at what is happening. Bean has had all of his kitten vaccinations, parasite control and has tested negative for Feline Leukemia Virus. He is a happy and healthy kitten (quite the difference from the dehydrated little boy that came through our doors)!

Our Bean isn’t so “Lil” anymore since he can be seen at Kearney Lake Beach, Crystal Crescent Beach, and on hikes around N.S. He is quite the little traveller; enjoying car rides and new destinations to check out! He is always finding things to play with on his adventures, and enjoys climbing trees and chasing bugs the most!

Bean has touched the hearts of many of the clients and staff that walk through these doors. It is important in this industry to have something to smile at each day, as some days in the clinic can be highly emotional for clients and staff. We even have some folks who stop in to see him!

To the staff, he is truly our bundle of joy that brings positivity to us daily, and we cannot imagine our days without getting a Bean snuggle. Stay tuned for the next installment in the “Bean” saga. Part Three: Bean the Adult!

Written by Siera Sullivan, Veterinary Assistant

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