Flea Life Lessons

Have you ever been stressed out by fleas? I know I have. Fleas can be extremely annoying and uncomfortable; not only for your pet but for you as well. The first time I ever experienced fleas it was a nightmare.

I am the proud mother of two beautiful fur babies, and one day I noticed my cat Sandy, scratching and didn’t think too much of it. Then a few days passed, and I noticed my other cat Sophie started scratching. Again, I didn’t think anything of it. Then a few days later, I started to scratch. I looked down at my skin and realized I had bites on me. It turned out they were flea bites.

I immediately started googling ways to treat fleas. I tried all the home remedies because I was trying to save money (this was before I had considered taking the Veterinary Assistant program). I tried everything I had read online; I purchased cheap flea collars for them, gave them flea baths, and cleaned my house with Borax… nothing was working. I then noticed that the cheap flea collars started to burn off my cats’ fur. I immediately took them off and did what I should have done in the beginning; I called the vet. They told me about Revolution and Vetkem spray. I came into the vet that day, and to my surprise, the revolution and Vetkem spray was way cheaper than the money I had spent on all the other garbage that did not work.

I was surprised by how easy it was to apply the revolution, and within the first few hours, I could see the relief in my cats’ eyes. I then sprayed the Vetkem in my house, and it killed the infestation that day.

About a year later, my fur babies got them again. This time I went straight to the Clayton Park Veterinary Hospital and got us the treatment that we needed. So, my advice to anyone whose animals end up with fleas is to go straight to a clinic and get Veterinarian recommended flea products and use the Vetkem spray. It will save you time, money, and your sanity. Plus, your fur babies will thank you for it.

Written by Nicole Theriault, Veterinary Assistant

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