Goats Taught Me Responsibility

Growing up, I didn’t know anyone else that had pet goats. You wouldn’t think having pet goats would teach you a whole lot other than how to pick up poo, but they sure did. Before school, we were up and at it; making sure that the feed was full and the ice was busted out of the water buckets. After school, it was out for a walk, cleaning the barn, and feeding time again. Being known as the goat kids’ became the norm.

It may sound silly, but the goats didn’t just teach me how to care for animals. They taught me compassion for all living things, big or small, house pet or not. These animals that are the size of a large dog with horns will cuddle up with me, will come when I call them, and even trust me enough to help deliver their babies.

Animals can be great teachers and great listeners, and they don’t even know they are doing it!

Written by Kelsey Cleveland, Veterinary Assistant

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