How Many Teeth?

If you have ever played with a puppy or kitten, you may have learned that they have very sharp, tiny teeth.  The good news is that these teeth will fall out making way for larger and less sharp permanent teeth. 

Kittens have 26 teeth, and puppies have 28.  These are called deciduous teeth and start coming in at about two weeks of age.  They will usually all be fully in place by the time a puppy or kitten is eight weeks old. Deciduous teeth are not permanent.  As the adult (permanent) teeth start to come in they will loosen and push the deciduous teeth out.  You may find the teeth or more than likely; you may not.  All the permanent teeth should be established by about 7 months of age.

Sometimes a permanent tooth will come in, and the deciduous tooth will not fall out.  This is called a retained deciduous tooth.  Deciduous teeth need to be extracted.  If they are not extracted, the tooth can cause dental problems in the future.  Prevention is key.  It is far better to prevent dental disease than to treat it.

Adult cats have 30 permanent teeth.  Adult dogs have 42.

Now that you are an expert on the number of deciduous and permanent teeth dogs and cats have, home dental care and keeping those teeth and gums healthy is top priority!

Written by: Jennifer Kendrick, Site Coordinator

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