Keeping Pets Warm and Safe This Winter

As fall comes to an end and winter creeps up on us, the cold weather has already begun. With harsh winter storms and freezing cold weather, we need to make sure that our pets are comfortable. The following are some tips to keep our pets safe and warm this winter season:

Sweater Weather:
Short haired breeds especially may benefit from a warm sweater or coat when going outside in the cold. Another great option is booties to keep paws clean, dry and salt-free. Always make sure your pet has time to adjust and be comfortable in any clothing before going outside.

Watch the thermostat:
Sometimes we set our thermostats to adjust to a lower temperature during times we go to work, but our pets are still home for the day, and it can get pretty chilly. Always make sure your home is a comfortable temperature for your pet.

Keeping Cozy:
Always make sure your pet has access to a comfortable area to snuggle up in, whether they sleep in your bed with you or have their own soft and warm sleeping area.

Check your engine:
Before starting your car, give a tap on the hood to ensure no outdoor kitties are underneath trying to keep away from the elements.

Stay Inside:
Some days are so harsh or cold that it is just better for your pets to stay inside. Short walks and brief outdoor bathroom visits will be better options for some pets than their normal adventures.

Wipe your paws:
Many streets will have salt on the roads that can be very irritating on pets sensitive paw pads. Waterproof booties are great for keeping a barrier between the salt and their pads. Make sure to clean and dry your pet’s paws as they come inside to avoid any painful irritation.

Avoid walking on ice:
For many senior pets, a simple slip on ice could be very painful and cause damage to already potentially arthritic joints. Be careful on ice to avoid any injury!

Cuddle Up:
My personal favourite way to keep warm in the winter is to snuggle up with my fur babies, keeping us both warm and cozy!

Written by: Amy Lee, Registered Veterinary Technician



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