Kirsty’s Farewell to CPVH

The past 5 years at Clayton Park Veterinary Hospital have been incredible. Exciting, fun, challenging, heartbreaking, eye-opening, stressful, and at times, difficult; but amazing. Every day that passes, I have fallen more and more in love with animal medicine. And, it becomes more and more apparent that those without a voice are my passion. I wanted to say goodbye to the clients who have been here with me throughout it all. Sean Harrison and his beautiful crew of rescued pit bulls (this man has the biggest heart!). Lesley Thompson with Blixa and Lewis (he had surgery when he was only 12 weeks old!). Carrie and Rick Vassallo with their ever-growing crew of rescues (another family with beautiful hearts!). Nicole Martelle with her beautiful kitties, and of course, Jennifer Fifield with Dixie, Brewster, and Moe! Every single client who has walked through the door has helped increase my love for veterinary medicine.

The ladies and gentlemen I have had the pleasure of working with throughout these 5 years have been some of the best and most talented in the industry. Every single person has the same passion for helping animals as I have. Just know that every person at Clayton Park is terrific, and they’ve all got such wonderful hearts and personalities. Veterinary medicine is not for the faint of heart. It can often be sad, stressful, and thankless. It is a profession where there are so many ups and downs that it can become taxing on your mental health. Please trust me when I say, nobody works in veterinary medicine for the money! We do it for our pure love of working with animals and seeing them recover from illnesses and seeing the happiness that brings to their owners.

Leaving the clinic life will be a challenging transition for me. Not seeing dozens of animals in the run of a day is going to be so incredibly tough. There hasn’t been a patient who hasn’t touched my heart in some way. Whether it’s ‘Jett’ Aneca, putting his leash in his mouth so he can walk himself back to the treatment area. Or ‘Charlotte’ Snyder, filling my face with friendly kisses as I try to trim her nails or brush out her fur. Or ‘Duke’ Payne, who allows only me to trim his nails, in a way that works just right for him! These patients are why we all do what we do. They make the good days better, and the difficult days bearable.

I have learned so much from my co-workers, my clients, and of course, my patients. I hope to pass along everything I have learned, and more, to my students, so they can emerge into a fulfilling career of animal medicine, confident and ready to take on anything!



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