My Life with Senior Cats


Living with senior cats has its challenges but is very rewarding. In my house right now are; two eighteen-year-olds, a thirteen-year-old, an eight-year-old and a six-year-old.  We had a delicate balance of just three up until ten weeks ago when my parent’s cats joined our family.

We are very lucky that for the most part everyone is getting along. The two new arrivals have taken over the finished basement, and my guys sneak peek and walk by snubbing their noses.

Blackie (black and white) is almost totally deaf and just goes about his old cat way. Squeaky is more timid and had spent her thirteen years living in a house with two human seniors and ran to hide when they had company. It was ten years before she would allow me to pet her when we would visit. Now she still hides behind the sofa but is quick to come out for attention!

For the most part, we are all adjusting to the “new” additions. Our old gal, Gwendolyn, couldn’t be bothered.  Neither could Owen, the six-year-old.  Zeke (eight-year-old Siamese) comes down all the time, eating their food and making sure their litterbox donations are covered.  He is still hissing a bit, but there have been no major scraps.

We recently discovered that Squeaky had a cancerous mass under her tongue.  We had it surgically removed (thanks, Dr. Farrow) and are watching to see how quickly it returns. This is one of the challenges of having a senior pet. It means she will have fewer days with us than we had hoped, but we will ensure she is comfortable for the remaining time she has with us.

Today, on a happier note, I found Blackie and Zeke sleeping together in a chair!  It made my heart sing!!!

Written by Connie Boudreau, Veterinary Assistant

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