Life’s a Beach: Enriching Your Cat’s Life

Lil Bean is always surprising people and other animals when he goes romping down the beach. Since being brought to the clinic from his previous stomping grounds, to which all we know was a shed, he has been exposed to all different sorts of settings; the beach is one of his favourites! Bean was given all of his kitten vaccinations, has been tested negative for Feline Leukemia Virus, and is on monthly parasite control; helping to protect him and keep him healthy and happy, while out and about adventuring.

Bean has a harness made for kittens and a retractable leash, but we’re definitely still working on his walking with us while on the leash! Bean has a mind of his own while he’s running down the beach; only ever stopping to be snuggled by the beachgoers or to meet a passing dog. Bean started out on a harness as soon as he began his vaccinations but only really began adventuring in public and out in nature, after being boostered with FVRCP and vaccinated with the Feline Leukemia Vaccine. He’s gone to places like Crystal Crescent Beach, Rainbow Haven, Lawrencetown Beach, and even to the Bras d’Or Lakes in Cape Breton.

Bean hopes to inspire other kitties to explore the outdoors with their owners! It’s a great way to enrich your cat’s life, and a way to create a stronger bond between you and your cat. Try placing a harness on your cat around the house first, to get them used to the feeling of walking with something on their body. When they’ve mastered that, attach a leash and bring your cat to a quiet outdoor area to get them used to all of the new smells and sights!

We’ll see you and your kitty at the beach!

Life’s a Beach!

Life’s a Beach!


















Life’s a Beach!



















Written by Kelsey Anderson, Veterinary Technician

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