Like a Sponge

I never really thought of myself as a sponge before.  “A sponge?” you ask?  I’ve heard of that term but never gave it any thought and how it related to me or the industry that chose me. 

Those of us working in the veterinary field become emotional sponges for our patient’s owners.  I feel their sadness.  I also feel their helplessness and frustrations.  And as the years pass in this field I’m finding myself more attached… more sentimental.

I was recently asked by a student taking the Veterinary Administration Assistant program: “Working in your industry can be very emotional, what are some ways to not let your emotions get the best of you?”  My exact response: “It’s important to take time for yourself.  Always take a breather.  Talking about things helps.  Don’t bottle things up.  Everyone handles grief differently and that’s okay”.

The cost of caring can lead to depletion if you let it.  I am affected by what I do so it’s important for me to have an outlet along with everyone in this field.  I recommend an outlet that allows for expression because in this field some days you just want to express yourself aloud.  A sponge soaks up a lot… things can get heavy at times.

And in the middle of writing this blog, feeling… well a tad meh, I received a thank you card from a client for my assistance a couple months back on encouraging her senior cat to eat.  She thanks me as I’m thanking her.  Connecting over her finicky (well deserved to be) senior feline.

And it is that reason that makes me smile.  Knowing I made a difference, sponge shaped and all.

Written by Amanda Elliott, Veterinary Assistant

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