Off Leash Parks

Does your dog enjoy off leash parks?  How do you know?  It’s important to know your dog and to pay attention to their body language/ signals, no matter how subtle they may be.

Not every dog enjoys off leash parks and that’s okay.  It doesn’t mean your dog is “off.”

While at off leash parks your dog may exhibit some of the following stress signals: avoidance of other dogs, looking to be picked up or hiding behind you, lip licking, and vocalizing/whining to name a few.  Your dog is trying to tell you something. “Rescue me.”

While your dog may just be the “meet and carry on” type, be prepared for some butt sniffing regardless.  It’s what they do.  Sniffing is a huge way dogs get the information they need to process a situation or another animal.

It’s important for “breaks” during play with other dogs.  Dogs can become over stimulated (and quickly) during play so it’s best to take mini breaks.  Having a good recall in place with high value treat rewards work well.

Dogs communicate with us all the time.  The key is to pay attention and stay in tune.

Happy playtime!

By Amanda Elliott, Veterinary Assistant

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