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Household Hazards for Pets

Our pets love to investigate every inch of their surroundings, especially with their noses and mouths. Unfortunately, this kind of exploration can often lead to dangerous situations and occasionally some unwanted trips to the emergency veterinary clinic. 

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New Year Resolutions for your Pet!

Can you believe it’s that time of year again? The Christmas decorations are all but boxed up, and soon enough, all the humans will be writing the wrong date everywhere they go.

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It’s Not About Bad Breath

Every year, many Veterinary hospitals take a part of the year to really focus on educating people on the importance of good dental health. 

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Preparation is Key on Your Puppy’s First Year

Congratulations, you have a new puppy! Now what? There is so much excitement in the lead up to bringing a new puppy into home that sometimes we forget about the boring details. We are well prepared with a kennel, new toys, food, leash etc., but may not be thinking about the doctor visits, puppy classes […]

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Spaying and Neutering: A Recipe for a Healthy Pet

Have you heard of Scooter the neutered cat? He is the ginger-furred, spiffy sunglasses-wearing ball of fluff who is the face of an online campaign promoting spay and neuter.

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Not One More Vet

DID YOU KNOW – Veterinary professionals are more than twice as likely to have suicidal thoughts as other Canadians are?

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