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If I roll up my sleeves, you will see many scars. I have worked in veterinary hospitals for 20 years now and the first ten years were spent in a hospital that cared for a lot of exotic pets including iguanas.

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Client Appreciation

Each day can change drastically at our clinic. Our days are pre-planned; surgeries are booked appropriately, appointments are scheduled in advance, and we even have certain times of the day booked off for Technician appointments. We as a team, all strive to provide the best client care. We appreciate our client’s patience as not every […]

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What Fur Means To Me

Wearing scrubs in public garners a certain respect from those whom see you. Wearing scrubs into work gains vet assistants looks of admiration; it is assumed we are some of the hardworking nurses that staff our human hospitals and clinics. Leaving work as a vet assistant, however, is another story. When I leave work, I […]

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Not One More Vet

DID YOU KNOW – Veterinary professionals are more than twice as likely to have suicidal thoughts as other Canadians are?

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