The Cat and the Carrier

Cats are generally not the best car travellers.  There are always exceptions but with a lot of cats living the life of luxury indoors, going out can be a stressful event.  How can you reduce the stress of a Vet visit?

  • Try to stay calm yourself.
  • Leave the carrier out all year. If you leave the carrier with a comfy blanket in it with the door open, it becomes a familiar piece of furniture and not something to fear.  It may even become a great hiding spot for your kitty!  By doing this, your cat will not associate the carrier with going to the Vet.
  • 30 minutes before leaving for the Vet, you can spray the inside of the carrier with a mist of the pheromone spray called Feliway. It helps to calm kitties and is safe!  You can most likely find Feliway at your local Veterinary Hospital.
  • Warm your car up ahead of time especially in the winter.
  • Keep things quiet and calm in the car, this is not the time to blast your favourite music!
  • When entering the Vet, always keep your cat in the carrier. It is the safest thing you can do for your cat and they will feel much safe there especially if there are other animals waiting.
  • When you arrive at the hospital, let the receptionist know you have arrived. The hospital staff are very sensitive to the unique needs of feline patients and will want to ensure they have as stress-free of a visit as possible.
  • When you arrive home, open the door to the carrier and let your kitty come on in their own timing. Cats often want their space and may keep to themselves for a bit after they get home.  Don’t be surprised if other cats in the home hiss at them or act a little put-out.  They will work it out among themselves.  Your kitty was just on an adventure and has some new smells on them and the other cats need to adjust to their re-entry into the home.
  • Finally, pat yourself on the back for being a wonderful kitty parent and ensuring their health care needs are met with annual examinations! Great job!

Written by Jen Kendrick, Site Coordinator

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