To Be a Vet Technician

Being a Veterinary Technician requires many skills.  We provide leadership, guidance, and patient care.  Every day in the clinic we are responsible for ensuring we are prepared for anything.  We provide for our surgery patients, out-patients, and walk-ins. We are always there to meet their needs individually.  Each patient has different needs, so each and every move we make is made ensuring our patient’s story is successful.  We are also there to help our patient’s owners in any way we can.  Whether it is in relation to nutrition, behaviour, or home care.  As a Vet Technician, I am in this career because of the passion I have for animals.  The love I receive after a patient realizes I am there to help is unreal. Not everyday is easy for us Technicians, but we push through the tears that are shed and the sweat behind it all, just to see our patients strive and knowing we are making a difference.

By Tiffani MacDonald

Absolutely amazing staff. They were fabulous with the first cat I brought in but I was extremely impressed with my…

Tara Lee Mackenzie

So friendly, always on time. I ended up here because of their expertise in exotics (bird) and am sad…

Stephanie Glendenning

This was a very good experience for my very sick dog and myself, the staff were so very kind to…

Stephen Bonang

I take the 5 stars away. I refuse to go back there . I may have a misunderstood pup, but…

Krystal Johnston


Not One More Vet

DID YOU KNOW – Veterinary professionals are more than twice as likely to have suicidal thoughts as other Canadians are?

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