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Welcome to Dartmouth Veterinary Hospital in Dartmouth

Dartmouth Veterinary Hospital has been a long standing pillar in the Dartmouth community, established in 1971. Our friendly and caring team of doctors and staff work hard to ensure that a high quality of care is provided to your furry family members.

In mid-2004, after massive destruction from Hurricane Juan, the hospital was renovated and expanded to include a laboratory area, large surgical preparation and treatment area, a large surgical suite, a dental suite, a radiology suite that houses state of the art Digital Radiology system, an Isolation Unit, dog runs, and dog and cat wards.

The hospital itself is designed to take advantage of as much natural light as possible, and much effort went into designing appropriate airflow and sound restriction. In the basement area, a multi-purpose room is used as a classroom for puppy socialization and obedience classes. The hospital works with multiple rescues, including Good Bones, GPAC, and Elderdog.

Meet the Team
Our dog has been a patient at Dartmouth Veterinary Hospital since he was 2 months, he is 3 1/2 years…

David Hinch

My 6 year old cat needed surgery to have some of her teeth removed, they split the procedure into two…

Nadine Upton

This is where we take our two cats and we love it, and the vet is responsive and cares about…

Susanna Adams

After receiving conflicting advice about how best to treat our cat who is suffering from kidney failure complicated by hyperthyroidism…

Brenda Yaworski



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