Amanda, BSc

Veterinary Assistant
My strong passion for animals led me in the animal field direction. I graduated from NSAC in May 2000. Being part of a clinic family was always the plan and I joined this team in 2008. I learn something new every day! I have a strong interest in animal behaviour. What I love most about my job is that every day is different. I love that we are an established and trusted clinic and have a large and great clientele base – it’s always busy! There’s a great work family and great vets! I am known as the "ginger" lover at the clinic. Ginger cats rock! Fun fact about me is that I can laugh like Cleveland (from The Cleveland Show).


The Risks of Being an Outdoor Cat

Cats are curious creatures who love to roam and explore. The outside world is full of birds to hunt, trees to climb and sun patches to roll in - so why doesn’t everyone let their cat go outside?

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