Client Care Specialist

I recently moved here from Ontario with my partner Mike! We are the proud owners of our Chocolate Lab, Cooper, and our three cats, Ellie, Winston and Oswald! They bring us a lot of chaos and love each and every day. They are one of the many reasons that I entered the veterinary field, another being my life-long love for animals, I was that child that brought home every stray, and the desire to work with them in some way.

Before I moved to Nova Scotia, I graduated from the University of Guelph: Ridgetown Campus as a Veterinary Office Administrator and Veterinary Assistant. I hope to further my education and knowledge of animal nutrition and large animal behaviour. I am very excited to be working for DVH and love seeing all of the clients and their furry friends every day!


The Risks of Being an Outdoor Cat

Cats are curious creatures who love to roam and explore. The outside world is full of birds to hunt, trees to climb and sun patches to roll in - so why doesn’t everyone let their cat go outside?

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