Why You Should Adopt a Senior Dog

Everyone loves puppies, and how could you not? With their cute little faces and their endless amount of energy. Everyone thinks having a puppy is the best thing in the world. It can be, but puppies require a lot of effort in regards to training and socializing. Most people skip over the thought of adopting an older dog because they won’t be able to have them for as long, or they think they require a lot more care than most dogs. This is not always the case, here as some pros to adopting a senior pet:

  1. They are already house trained! Your furniture, carpet, curtains, and rugs will thank you! Senior pets have already lived in a house and know the rules of one. So, you don’t have to spend anytime house training them.
  2. They are usually already trained in regards to commands as well. Most older dogs already know their basic commands such as, sit, stay, paw, etc. So, you don’t have to worry about training them from scratch; they’ve already got the basics down!
  3. They are usually milder in temperament and energy. Older dogs are slowing down, so they rarely feel the need to destroy things or act out. The majority are perfectly happy to lounge on the couch with you and have a cozy day in, rather than needing hours of exercise every day.
  4. You know what you’re getting. Older dogs have already developed all potential allergies, conditions, and so forth. When adopting a puppy, you have no idea how that dog is going to grow up and what issues it may have. With an older dog, you know exactly what you’re getting and exactly what you should expect.
  5. Senior pets make great pets for senior citizens. They are low maintenance and require less exercise than a younger animal. They are often slower than they used to be and older people can enjoy the company of a calm, well-behaved animal that moves at their speed.
  6. Older dogs are all about the love. While young dogs love their people, they are always busy and have a lot on the go. Older dogs want to be by your side and relax with you, wherever you are. They are usually huge sucks, who can’t get enough of being in your lap.
  7. Just because their seniors, doesn’t mean they can’t still be puppy-like either. Just like with young dogs, sometimes our older dogs can have the “zoomies” as well. Although they usually enjoy a life of lazing, older dogs can still play with toys like the best of them and be goofy, just not for too long.
  8. They will love you until the day they die and you were their hero until that day. Adopting a senior pet is giving it another chance it may not have had. They are forever grateful for this and will show it to you until their last breath. Dogs do not know hate or guilt; they do not hold grudges. They only love! By adopting a senior pet, you are giving it one last chance to love. For that, you are truly a hero.

Written by Miranda

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