Surgery Services for Cats

What surgery services do you provide for cats?

We provide a large variety of surgical services for cats. Some elective wellness healthcare surgeries include spays, neuters, dental cleaning/extractions and lump removal. Other surgeries that may be recommended by a doctor in emergency situations may include foreign body exploratory, unblocking due to bladder stones, minor fractures, broken nail repair, laceration repair and abscess repair.

How long does surgery take?

The length of time for surgery depends on what type of surgery is being performed. Typically, the patient is dropped off early in the morning, between 7:15am-8:30am and will remain in the clinic for the majority of the day. The doctor performs several types of surgeries throughout the day. A neuter or spay may take half an hour or so and a dental cleaning may take up to a couple hours.

How do I care for my pet when I take them home?

When a client comes in to pick up their pet after a surgery, a technician or doctor will go over the take-home instructions (as well as send a copy home) with them in order to provide care at home. They will discuss any medications that are needed to be given at home and be shown how to administer them if the client is unsure. In order to continue recovery at home, the client will be instructed to provide small amounts of food and water 1-2 hours after returning home, limit exercise for 7-10 days, check the incision throughout the day to look for any swelling, redness, heat and pain, keep their pet from licking/chewing at the site by having them wear a collar and to not bathe or allow their pet to swim for approximately 10-14 days after the procedure. The client will also be advised to call the clinic if they notice excessive swelling or discharge at the surgical site, the pet not eating, vomiting, persistent bleeding, signs of pain or any loss of sutures. The client, of course, may also call the clinic at any time if they have any questions or concerns.

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