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Summer Pet Hazards

Summer is a lovely time of year! The sun is out, it’s warm, there’s so much more to do, and we live in a beautiful province with lots of outdoor activities. We of course love to include our pets, but there are few things to remember to keep your pets safe during these hot summer […]

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Tapeworm in Pets

Tapeworm is a commonly diagnosed parasite in both our feline and canine friends, but is more common in any outdoor cat that is prone to hunting. Often obtained by either ingesting a flea or from hunting, but can also be contracted via ingesting infected fecal matter, or contaminated water. Tapeworm resides in the small intestine […]

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Roundworm: What’s in Your Dog’s Poop?

When we hear about intestinal parasites we often think of tapeworm, but there are other types of worms that are commonly found in our pet’s feces. One of these is Roundworm (or ascarids), they are intestinal parasites that live inside of and feed off of animal’s intestines. They look very similar to spaghetti or vermicelli, […]

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Lyme Disease: An Overview

Lyme disease is one of the most common and well-known tick-born diseases in the world. It is a bacteria that can live in the black-legged tick or “deer tick”, and can be transmitted to people and animals through a blood meal. The population of the black-legged tick has grown in alarming numbers and in recent […]

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Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm (Dirofilaria Immitis) is a parasite that mainly infects dogs, but can also infect cats, ferrets, wolves, coyotes and in rare cases humans. These worms live in the cardiovascular system, specifically in the arteries that lead from the heart to the lungs. They compromise the flow of blood through the body simply by slowly clogging […]

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The Risks of Being an Outdoor Cat

Cats are curious creatures who love to roam and explore. The outside world is full of birds to hunt, trees to climb and sun patches to roll in - so why doesn’t everyone let their cat go outside?

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