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Raw Diets: Information for Clients

A study following therapy dogs over the course of one year. Recording diet history showed raw-fed dogs were 17 times as likely to be shedding multi-resistant E. coli compared to non-raw-fed dogs. Lefebvre et. Al, Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 2009 A study of healthy dogs in households fed a commercial or homemade […]

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GDV/Bloat in Dogs

Gastric dilation is a condition in which the stomach fills with gas and/or food and cannot escape. It may or may not be accompanied with the torsion(twisting) of the stomach in the abdomen. This condition has a very fast speed of progression so it is important to be able to recognize it and seek veterinary […]

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The Truth About Pet Food By-Products

By-Product: A secondary product produced in addition to the principle product, according to the AAFCO Official Publication 2008. Myth: Pet foods containing ingredients listed as “by-products” are inferior. Truth: By-products are common ingredients in both human and pet food. A by-product is simple something produced in the making of something else. By-products come from many […]

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The Risks of Being an Outdoor Cat

Cats are curious creatures who love to roam and explore. The outside world is full of birds to hunt, trees to climb and sun patches to roll in - so why doesn’t everyone let their cat go outside?

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