Map Displaying Areas at Risk for Ticks in Nova Scotia

While there once were specific areas in the province that were known to be at higher risk for ticks, it now seems to have become more of a general, widespread issue. Ticks are popping up pretty much anywhere as well as at any time, as long as the temperature is at or above four degrees Celsius. While the American dog tick and black-legged (deer) tick still tend to be the most common ones we see around here, there are also new and emerging species of ticks which are showing up in higher numbers and getting closer to us each year.

There is a convenient online resource which has up-to-date evidence-based information on ticks as well as maps tracking which species are turning up in specific locations. Veterinarians provide the information.

For more information, visit Pets and Ticks.

Written by Amanda Conley, RVT


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