Summer Pet Hazards

Summer is a lovely time of year! The sun is out, it’s warm, there’s so much more to do, and we live in a beautiful province with lots of outdoor activities. We of course love to include our pets, but there are few things to remember to keep your pets safe during these hot summer months.

  1. Hot cars/Dehydration/Heat Stroke/Hot sidewalks – Ultimately these go hand in hand. We all know that we absolutely should not leave our pets in our hot cars. If you see a dog in a hot car – call the police right away. They are trained to deal with these situations properly (and safely). We know this as it is talked about every summer, however we don’t always think about long walks. Our dogs need access to water during long walks (just like you should have a water bottle). Dedicate a bowl for water to take with on walks. Often people will use the collapsible bowls as they are easy to take along. Also – watch those little jelly bean toes on the hot sidewalks – it is too easy to burn their toes are very hot concrete.
  2. Just like us, wildlife enjoy the heat as well and tend to be more active in the summer. Make sure you are alert when in areas where wildlife is more prevalent. Keep your pets away from porcupines, they are generally docile animals however will release their quills if they feel threatened.
  3. Ticks and parasites – These are always more prevalent in summer, though we are starting to see them year round. Check out our other blog posts on different types of parasites for more information about individual parasites.
  4. Bee and wasp stings – Pets are more likely to snap at or chase bugs, this makes them more susceptible to bug bites and stings. If you notice that they are pawing at an area on their face or chewing vigorously at an area on their body – check it out, if you see a bite contact your vet. We have seen pets with swelling in their face due to bee stings and bug bites.
  5. Finally – BBQs and Picnics – We love to spend time with our families in the summer time, and our pets are definitely part of our families. We need to make sure we do not offer things that can be harmful to them. Corn on the cob is something that people will often offer to their dogs as a treat to chew, however we have seen corn on the cob cause foreign bodies in dogs and can be quite dangerous if swallowed in large chunks (or sometimes whole!).

Hot BBQs can be dangerous for dogs – the lovely smell of meat can be enticing to them and therefore they will be interested in what you are cooking – keep them away from that grill! It can be very dangerous to have them that close to the BBQ. Same thing goes for an open fire pit. The open flame can light fur on fire very quickly and can cause burn injuries.

It’s great to spend time with our furry family members, but make sure we keep them safe at the same time!

Written by Blair Lutes

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