Santa Is Coming to Our Open House

Join us at our Open House on Friday, December 7 from 6 - 8 pm. To take a photo with Santa, we will be accepting $5 donations or unopened pet food. All proceeds will go towards the local SPCA. We're looking forward to seeing you there with your furry friend!


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Cat Services

We offer a full range of services for your cat!


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Puppy & Kitten Vaccinations

Puppies & kittens are vulnerable to some very serious illnesses. Find out how vaccinates can protect them from dangerous diseases.


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Pet Parasite Prevention

Every pet is at risk of parasites, even indoor pets, and at Eastern Shore Vet Hospital we offer all the services you need to make sure your loved ones are healthy and happy. Call us to find out more!


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Welcome to PetFocus Eastern Shore Veterinary Hospital in Porters Lake

Eastern Shore Veterinary Hospital was started in 1979 to provide quality veterinary service to the animals of the eastern shore region. The clinic was a separate building until 1988 when it was moved into the Lakeview Shopping Centre. The hospital grew with the surrounding communities and underwent an expansion in 2002.

The ESVH is staffed by several veterinarians, including Drs. Celeste Forgeron and Teigen Bond and a team of highly skilled technicians, veterinary assistants, and other client care specialists. You will also meet our resident cat Daisy when you visit. Daisy likes to greet our patients when they arrive and supervise the reception area (and catnip supply).

The team also provides veterinary care to injured wildlife. The injured wildlife is then transferred to the Hope for Wildlife Centre in Seaforth for further rehabilitation and eventual release. This hospital boasts an intimate and comfortable setting with a warm and inviting staff. Your pets are guaranteed the best of care.

Meet the Team
They are wonderful. Always friendly and take the time to help with whatever you need. My Dogs and Cats, are…

Katie Macrae

We absolutely love this vet clinic. Over the years I've been to a few and this is my fav.…

Ca Lawrence

Our cats always get great treatment from the team at Eastern Shore. Dr. McKay was sweet with our…

Mary Elizabeth O'toole

They truly care about your pets and want what's best for them. i trust the eastern shore vet 100% and…

Louise Valiquette

Yesterday we took our 16 year old dog here on his final trip. On what was one of the…

Haley Myra




Signs of Pain

Many pets are extremely good at hiding when they are in pain. It is a survival instinct as they do not want to show weakness. Here are some common signs of pain in our furry friends:

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The Day of the Dental

Being told your pet needs a dental cleaning or a dental with tooth extractions can be scary for some people.

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